Compiler Accelerated DataFrame Library for Python with fully-compatible pandas API

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import fireducks.pandas as pd
Accelerate pandas without any manual code changes

Do you have a pandas-based program that is slow? FireDucks can speed-up your programs without any manual code changes. You can accelerate your data analysis without worrying about slow performance due to single-threaded execution in pandas.

Sustainable and Economical

Concerned about the cost and environmental impact of cloud computing? Our acceleration technology reduces cloud usage fees, while minimizing the CO2 emissions at the same time, making FireDucks an environment-friendly and wallet-friendly choice.

Reliability and Performance

FireDucks is developed by infusing the essence of supercomputers that NEC has refined over the years. Made in Japan, high-quality FireDucks promises reliability and high performance.


Multithreaded ✨

FireDucks is multi-threaded, enabling higher speeds on multi-core CPUs. More

JIT Compile ⚡

A runtime compiler embedded in the library optimizes your code. More

pandas API 🐼

FireDucks is fully compatible with pandas API. The only difference is the import statement. No additional learning is required to start with FireDucks.Get started

AS IS Execution 🚀

You can run your pandas program directly with FireDucks. Its import-hook functionality will automatically replace the import statement for pandas with the import statement for FireDucks. More

Benchmarks 📈

FireDucks shows high performance gain while executing various queries included in the TPC-H and TPCx-BB benchmarks. More.

Use Cases




Cloud Hosting

E Commerce


From Users


Toyota Technical Development Corporation has seen significant benefits within about three months of the introduction of the system.

NEC Solution Innovators

NEC Solution Innovators, Ltd. has used FireDucks for a data analysis task.


From Developers

Estimate the number of groups and group by

We are pleased to introduce about acceleration technology inside FireDucks.

The import hook feature

We are pleased to introduce how to use FireDucks without modifying your existing programs at all.